Great Pacific Ocean Charters
Great Pacific Ocean Charters


We offer charter water taxi service to any destination in Barkley Sound. Our 29' boat features a large open deck for sightseeing along the way and a closed cabin for those colder days on the water. We have plenty of room for large groups (up to 12 people) and as much gear as you need.


We have a small water taxi that provides daily service between East and West Bamfield on demand. There is no cell reception in Bamfield, for service you can drop by our office in the red floathouse at the East dock. You can also use our walkie talkies posted at our office in East Bamfield or in West Bamfield at the Fisheries dock or W. Government dock. You can also call 1-250-999-8045 from a local phone.


Along with our kayak rentals we also offer a flexible shuttle service for paddlers directly to any of the Broken Group Islands. Each group can choose their preferred departure and pick up times any day of the week allowing you to maximize the timing of your trip. The large open ocean channels on either side of the Broken Group make it very difficult to paddle yourself there safely. With our shuttle service we take you directly from the calm water of Bamfield inlet to the calm waters of any of the campsites in the Broken Group, especially important for any groups with non-expert or younger paddlers.


In calm conditions, experienced paddlers can paddle to the nearest Deer Group Islands fairly easily. When the weather gets rough it can be a fairly difficult trip, espcially for novice paddlers. Our shuttle service can give you the peace of mind of a set itinerary so that you know you will arrive at your destination despite the weather conditions. We can also save you a rather long paddle to some of the more distant and less busy sites in the Deer Group, the nearest sites tend to fill up pretty quickly in the high season.


Due to popular demand we are now offering charter service between Bamfield and Port Renfrew for hikers of the West Coast Trail. We offer a fully flexible schedule, let us know your preferred date and time and we will do our best to get you where you need to be. We can take you in either direction and generally drop off and pick up at the East dock in Bamfield and either the Government dock or Butch's dock in Port Renfrew. Each one way trip takes about 2.5-4 hours depending on the conditions and sightseeing opportunities. We often see whales, porpoises, sea lions and birds so are always happy to spend some time nature touring along the way.

Due to the high operating costs of this route the service is generally only feasible for somewhat larger groups of hikers who can split the cost. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a per person rate at this time.

UCLUELET (1 hour)

We also shuttle groups between Ucluelet and Bamfield. We can pick you up at either destination and take you on a beautiful trip across the whole of outer Barkley Sound. We travel through the beautiful Deer and Broken Group Islands (Pacific Rim National Park) and often see amazing scenery and wildlife along the way (whales, porpoises, sea lions, birds etc.).


We specialize in extended shuttle service for researchers, surveyors and work crews needing to access Barkley Sound. Our skipper has a strong background in marine science, field biology and commercial diving and can help you get anywhere in local area including the various forestry and aquaculture sites.